Gloria Ceramics
  • Project Design Your Wall
In a record breaking 9 days, we delivered the final product which featured a custom built application running on two iPads which were hooked a to a huge monitor in order for the visitors of the Gloria booth at the ICS 2014 to experience designing their own wall. If you're a Facebook user, check out their album Gloria at ICS 2014.

  • Project Turbo Man

This was a fun project to work on with an extremely limited time frame. Together with the Birell Turbo team, we created a runner based game for both Android and iOS that went in sync with the product. It featured a global leader-board for all players to challenge each other. At the end of a every week, the top scoring player would choose one of 3 prizes and then we would reset the score.

Omar Hilal
  • Project Lamia Goes to Hollywood

This was one of older projects we worked on. Together with great mind of Omar Hilal, we implemented a retro space-invaders like game, which featured Lamia Gouda battling her way through upcoming actors till the final stage where she would battle the stars of Hollywood.